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2023-2024 Draft Budget

The draft budget for 2023-2024 was reviewed at the February 7th, 2023 meeting of North Wiltshire council. Below is the information presented. If you would like to submit comment you may do so by emailing or calling the municipal office at 902-621-2170 by noon on March 7th, 2023.

North Wiltshire Community Council Budget 2023-2024

Projected Surplus Funds in Bank as of March 31, 2023- $72,199.28

INCOME: Draft Budget 2023-2024

Tax Levy $14,947.99

Municipal Grant $9,191.28

Total $24,139.27


North River Fire Dept. $8,525.21

Administration $10,983.00

Insurance $3,723.00

Atlantic Bug Busters $5,600.00

Electricity $230.00

Advertising $150.00

APM $804.00

Audit $4,830.00

Hall Rentals $200.00

Misc. $49.00

Bank Fees $50.00

Total $35,144.21

Deficit -$11,004.94

Deficit to be offset but surplus funds in bank


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